Thursday, February 24, 2011

Getting Closer!!!

We finshed our statements of faith today. Mine was one and a half pages. Nate's was nine. You know his was a systematic theology, not a statement! :o)
I was skipping around with joy and emailed them to our socical worker. I asked her if she had any idea when we might be able to schedule a home visit. That will be the last thing needed before we can have an approved homestudy. She said all paperwork was in order, except she needed proof of Nate's employment and wages at Precision Assembly. Ahem, NICKY.
Anyway, there was some really good news! She has a family north-east of Jackson that she's going to do a home visit for soon, and it would be better for her to do ours the same day, since it's such a long drive for her! YAY! I thought we'd have to wait a long time, but it turns out living so far from Memphis is working in our favor.
Debbie (the social worker) said if we were flexible with that, she'd get back to us on the day and time. I'm SO EXCITED!


  1. Yay! That's so exciting. We're really happy for y'all. :)