Thursday, December 17, 2009

Paper Plate Christmas Wreath

Today Suzy made a paper plate wreath. She painted it green yesterday, which is always a thrill for her. Not only does she love painting, she loves it that when she's done, I send her to wash her hands by herself while I clean up the paint. She usually spends at least 10 minutes washing/splashing!
Today she glued the leaves and berries on. I usually water down the glue in a little bowl and she puts it on with a brush. But today I just gave her the bottle. She loved using the glue bottle like a big girl.
I love seeing how her ability to do crafty things increases. I just love doing things with her! She's so bubbly and curious. She makes everything fun!


  1. Ansley and Eli made a wreath also. They traced their hands and colored them and made a wreath. I'll have to take a picture of theirs. BTW, your a great mom if you let her paint. I don't do paint!

  2. Great pictures! You also were very crafty even when you were little. Remember how you would invent places for your little bears to live?

  3. haha it is easy to tell Suzy liked it