Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Suzy is a dainty flower. Mostly.
If you saw my facebook status, you know Suzy sneakily fed me a ladybug in a handful of sunflower seeds. It didn't bother *her* at all.
For herself though, she is much more squeamish. She loves jumbo strawberry marshmallows. She believes pink equals delicious. But she stopped eating them. She couldn't fit the whole thing in her mouth without gagging. She hates large bites of anything. She couldn't hold it in her hand and take bites out of it, because it would get gooey in her hand, which disgusted her. So I began giving her a party pick to pick up the marshmallows. So now she daintily holds the skewer and nibbles the strawberry marshmallow contendedly. With no threat of ladybug consumption.


  1. They do make the bags of colored miniature marshmallows, did you try that with her?

  2. SHe wanted the big strawberry ones because they were all pink.