Friday, May 14, 2010

After a Long Absence...

Last week I got an email from my mom, saying that she had went to the trouble of updating her blog as I requested, but she had checked, and as I hadn't posted in over a month, she was not going to feel guilty about ignoring hers. I got the idea that if I ever want to hear from her again, I had better write something! I procrastinated and finally pull myself to the computer, and I find an email from a friend pointing out that I haven't posted in a while!
I could lie and say that I had nothing to write about, but the truth is that my absence from my blog was chaotic and emotional, and most all of it is stuff I had a hard time even speaking out loud to people (so I mostly didn't) and I certainly don't want to publish it on the internet! But it's better now, so no worries!
So this is a post, to let all four of my readers know that another post is coming. I would go ahead and write something here, but that into just sort of kills the oomph of anything, doesn't it?

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