Thursday, May 20, 2010

Making It Cute

I like to improve common items, to make them a bit more me. Nate teases me about my desire to make things cute, but he likes it. I think.
Today, between laundry and dishes, I convinced myself that I really should take pictures and make a post out of it. Because I'm sure you're dying to see, right?
First up, Suzy's breakfast. Oatmeal is the homliest of all breakfast foods, so I cute it up with a heart-shaped cookie cutter and rainbow sprinkles.

Isn't this pretty fabric? You'll never guess what it's on.

That's right, I sewed a coat for my spray bottle.
Next, my kitchen gloves. Just the Mr. Clean gloves from Walmart. Sooo plain. So I added a little lace trim. It may seem silly, but I have to wear those things three times a day, so I needed to enjoy looking at them. And they coordinate with my spray bottle and apron...though I admit I am the only one who cares!

And this is my lesson plan book. It came with a sterile green plastic cover that gave me chilly memories of grade school. I warmed it up with some fabric scraps.

Here's my daily planner. It was already cute on the inside (like so many of us) but very plain on the outside.

I just added a little ribbon to the cover to make it's outside more feminine.

Here is my Bible. It has a burgundy leather cover, half chewed up the spine by a puppy fond of over-stepping her bounds. Since it was the Bible Nate gave to me on the occasion of his second proposal to me, I made it this little cover to keep it protected from any future marauders.

I wanted a little journal in which I could write Scriptures that are significant to me. I looked many places for a cute one that was inexpensive. Finally I bought one with a plain cardboard cover for $4 at Borders. Or Barnes and Noble's. Or Books-a-Million. One of those bookstores that starts with a B. I knew it would be perfect, because I had enough fabric leftover from my Bible cover to make them match. How cute!

Look how cute they look with my coordinating sermon notebook, bought at the same B. bookstore:

For practicality, a 3 ring binder was ideal for my prayer journal. The plain white one I bought was so impersonal. I fixed it up with fabric from a vintage pillowcase and a scrap of ribbon.

Put all of them together, and it becomes clear the next thing I have to work on is developing a central color scheme:
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  1. Oh, WoW I love all of crafty you are. I admit that fabric scares me. Yes, this is crazy I know but nonetheless true. Fabric scares me. I don't know how to make it work (give me paint anyday)...yet, I'm inspired. I will be looking around at all the things I can make cute. And I will have to raid Marmie's fabric closet!

  2. But do not fear, many of those things are held together with hot glue and not stitches!

  3. Thank you for sharing this great idea at my link party Lori!

  4. Lori
    Great Job!! Suzy will benefit so much learning how to sew like you. Wish I knew how.

    Anna Cate would be in heaven at your house! She is loving her sewing class--has made two pairs of pants for herself and a pillow. We owe it all to you---thank you again for taking the time to introduce her to "hand sewing" as
    we call it--she has definitely found her love.
    Love christy