Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Little Redecorating...

...of my blog. I spruced it up a bit. Even whipped out the ol' Adobe Illustrator to personalize my header. If you are a secret stalker who goes to my blog every 10-15 minutes, tonight you'd have seen three backgrounds go whizzing by, and a lot of re-arranging of the gadgets. It's like a house. You paint the walls, and it makes you want to move the furniture around. Then you add in the accessories...I got a little blinky crazy. There may be more coming...if it gets so bad they start giving you seizures, let me know. Though I think I refrained from ones that actually blink.


  1. I love you new look. My favorite are the little blue signs to the right!

    Great job.
    love christy

  2. Thanks Christy. They're from a collection called "Suzanne" so I had to get them!

  3. Need more postings Lori! I'll try to post more but you need to also. Love, Mom