Thursday, June 23, 2011

Baby Hats

I thought I'd show a few little hats I've knitted lately. These pictures would be cuter if I had an actual baby to model the hats! Maybe one day!
This one was supposed to be a bear. I think it looks more like a little pointy-eared fox.

This one will stretch over the baby's head - it won't look like a bulb on top of the baby's head, I promise!

And my favorite, the Sweetie Pie hat.

I took knitting up again this year. I like that it's a portable hobby that I can do easily in the car - when I'm not the driver, of course! Also, I haven't sewed since last fall, because my sewing room is in a state of shameful disarray. Hopefully that will be whipped into shape this week. But I think I'll keep knitting just the sewing machine is just too unwieldy in the car.

And I wish I could post a cute button linking back to this blog, but I couldn't find the code. I don't know if that's an iPad problem or a user problem! So I linked up to Creative Me Monday at The Southern Institute.


  1. i'm having a little spell if knitting envy -- i tried to teach myself this past winter -- it's slow going -- but i'm looking forward to cool weather so i can get back in the mood.
    those hats are ADORABLE!

  2. Hope, I learned to knit from my little sister, and she taught herself from a book. Actually, I think a lot of her lessons were just having me look at the diagrams in the book!
    I agree, summer isn't very inspiring for knitting, but several people I know are expecting in the fall, so I was inspired to start making baby hats! And these babies are all refusing to be born in spring, when I could spend the winter knitting! :o)
    And thanks to everyone for the nice things you said about the hats!