Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Things in My Day

When Nate gave me an iPad, complete with cover that converts to a stand, extended length power cord, and docking station, he wanted me to use it to blog. He wanted to encourage me to write. But I didn't. So he bought the optional wireless keyboard to make typing easier than using the iPhone-like iPad keyboard. Still didn't blog. So he got me a handy dandy iPad Camera Connection kit, to upload pictures from the camera in a snap. This too sat around lonely and unused. But I feel bad about it. Here I am, with all this techy gear, and I don't even blog. So I set a small goal. A post yesterday, one today, and one coming on Monday.
(The above paragraph is funnier if read in the voice of Larry the Cucumber. Which was the voice in my head as I wrote it.)

So, in honor of my husband's diligent efforts, I took some photos of things that made me happy today.
Vegetables fresh from a neighbor's garden:

Tea in a cheerful lemon-decorated glass makes me feel summery:

Suzy standing by her favorite plant, the "pasta" plant. She also dressed herself today, and except for the sweater (two sizes too small) in June, she did a great job.

And look at that cute face. I could just eat her up!

Then she dressed up. She said she was Little Bo Peep. The umbrella is her shepherd's hook.

This was actually Thursday, but I thought it was so sweet. Suzy said she wanted to lay down, and when I checked on her, I found her and Bibi snuggled up together.

This make me happy probably because of some unsound character traits of mine. For the past week, whenever my family has left items shed all over the kitchen, living room, and my bedroom, I have put it in this laundry basket. The laundry basket is right by the door. No one has noticed either the basket or the missing items. My temptation is to make this a habit, and once a week hurl all of the clutter into the trash! I get this from my mother, who famously once threw out all the towels except for one per family member, because she was tired of washing them.

And Little Bo Peep finishing up her school work:

Homeschool - where your child can wear a tutu and sunbonnet to class. :o)

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  1. I did not throw out all the towels!!! Maybe I just put them away, out of sight. Cute bonnet on Suzy!

  2. Yes, you just stashed them away. I remember when you got tired of having to wash the few towels more frequently, you brought the rest out of hiding. :o)

  3. Glad the drought is over. Love you!