Thursday, May 31, 2012

Scrap Fabric Needle Book

After I had been sewing a while, I figured out something. You cannot stick needles in pin cushions. Even cute cushions that you made yourself to look like an ice cream sundae.

They have no head, so they can scootch right down in the cushion and you'll never see it again.
An experienced seamstress could have told me about needle books - little fabric books with felt pages to store your needles. I had to learn the hard way, on the cold streets of the Internet, after I murdered two tomato pin cushions to get all my needles back out of their innards.
I gathered some scrap fabric and trim, and made this little cutie. I found a vintage button to put on it, and I just love it. I kind of wish I had made it into a wallet!

The Southern Institute

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  1. So Cute!
    AnnaCate's aunt Bonnie made her a hamburger from scratch and the felt pieces inside held the pins(lettuce, tomato, etc.