Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dishcloths: Two for Her, Two for Me

I made these dishcloths for my sister's birthday. My sister is a much more accomplished knitter than I am, so I feel a bit silly knitting gifts for her. "Here. It's something you could have made better yourself. Happy birthday." I pushed my feelings of inadequacy aside, because I needed a gift I could make on a twelve hour car ride.
This aqua pinwheel is my first project with short rows. I used Knitted Lacey Round Cloth pattern by Rhonda White. I like the variations shown on the pattern page. I'd like to make several different versions in the same color.

To compliment the pinwheel cloth, I made a Checker-Square Garter Dishcloth. The pattern is by Kayla Kramer. I love the design!

I love it so much, I made one for me in red.

To go with my checker-square cloth, I made a Linoleum Dishcloth by Kay Gardiner. This is a slip stitch pattern like the checker-square. Very easy to knit. If you look at the top, you can see where I missed a red slip stitch. I went over it with a duplicate stitch and now it's all better!
I have since finished it, but in the meantime, I put my camera in a box and moved across the Rockies. I have yet to locate that box. So no picture!



  1. Oh, no, you are making me want to knit again! How could you??!! I had already decided I never finish any projects but dishcloths, so I might as well quit. Now look what you have done to me...gotta go get my knitting needles. Maybe I'll quit cardmaking for a while since I haven't done much but buy things from Ebay to do it.

  2. You could just make some cards with a knitting theme - needles, balls of yarn, ect. I mainly knit in the car or at certain meetings at church, and then my at-home free time can be used for sewing. Theoretically.

  3. I still use the red one you made for me, although I can't bear to wash anything with it. It is too nice. I use it for a potholder :)