Saturday, June 5, 2010

Chore Chart Day 3

I cleaned the office/guest room/family room. I switched out vaccuming with washing the bedding. That's an even trade, right?
The mulitple purposes of this room make it one of the worst to clean. There are little piles of papers and magazines everywhere, toys, books, and junky stuff we really don't have any other place for. Fortunately, Nate was out, so I was able to throw away about half of the papers. I found his Boris Yeltsein doll on top of the tv again, so I tossed that in the closet. I believe Suzy had gotten it out this time. She loves it, but Nate doesn't let her play with it. She coos over former Soviet leader Yeltsein like he's a precious baby. It's disturbing, I don't blame Nate for not letting her play with it. :o)
I know that this little challenge I've made to myself must make for pretty boring reading. I'm so sorry. If you want to go away and come back in four days, I'll understand!


  1. nope, here for the long hall!

  2. I can't get the mental image of Suzy coddling Boris Yeltsein out of my mind. So funny! However, I do believe it could come up in a therapy session years from now....