Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chore Chart Day 5 Failure

Ok, yesterday I didn't clean my living room. Instead I took a nap. Shame!
Actually, I had a headache (I'm not sure if it was a headache or if my brain just swelled to a size larger than my skull) and I couldn't do much except lay very still and hope the cerebral jiggling would stop.
I went grocery shopping in the early afternoon when the headache came on. I managed to come home, first stopping for sno-cones because I'm brilliant. Nothing cures a headache like brain freeze, right?
I get home and by sheer force of will get the child down for a nap and the perishables in the fridge before I collapse on the bed. Nate and I had an appointment at 6:30, which meant we had to get Suzy to the babysitter's at 6:15, which meant we had to eat dinner by at least 5:45, which meant I had to go pick up Nate by 5:30, and prepare the dinner before that. It was now 4:30. I could no longer mentally function enough to care. Somehow I managed to get up, get Suzy in the car, and go pick up Nate at 5:45. He drove home as I wept quietly from the pain and nausea the bright sunny day was causing my swelled brain.
Though I assure him they are only tears of intense pain and that I'll be fine once my bones harden again and the world stops flashing like a strobe light and maybe a pressure crack on my skill opens, which will surely happen in the next 15 minutes, he realizes he has to go it alone to the appointment. Once we get home, besides asking him to carry in the groceries in the back seat, I can't manage anything else but to lay on the couch and cover my eyes. So he goes, leaving Suzy.
I won't tell you what all she had for dinner, but it involved peaches and boiled eggs, and whatever else I could just hand her with minimal effort.
By that night it had reduced to just a regular headache and I became aware of my surroundings. And I notice a watermelon. In the living room armchair. I don't know why, but this cracks me up. I can imagine Nate coming in with the groceries, thinking, "Where to put the watermelon?...watermelon?...chair!" Though what really cracks me up is that he was probably thinking, "I'm late!" and wasn't even AWARE that he was carrying a watermelon, and just plopped it down with Suzy's flip-flops and jacket.
All this to justify why I haven't dusted my living room. Now I had better stop, or I'll be writing another justification tomorrow!

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  1. Lori

    Sorry you felt so bad.

    thanks for sharing about your life--we all have those days and weeks and months!!!