Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mother-Daughter Aprons from a Shirt Jacket

I found this jacket at the dig store in Corinth:

It seemed like something a sweet old lady would wear to church. But I loved the fabric, and my friend Gabi encouraged my to make an apron out of it. Gabi is very bad about encouraging me to make aprons out of things. We went thrift shopping this weekend, and she set me up with an 80's dress and a muumuu. For aprons, I mean.

Anyway, back to this jacket. I cut it up, and played around with the pieces to see how it'd all fit together.

At this point I felt very guilty, thinking of the sweet silver-haired old lady that could have proudly worn this to a Wednesday night Bible study but for my butchery. I didn't know what I was going to do with it. And I must have sneezed or something while cutting the right sleeve, because I took out a huge chunk out of it. Then I remembered an old tablecloth that I thought would coordinate with the fabric. I got it out and chopped it up too. I found using it I could make one apron for me and a little bitty one for Suzy. I felt much less guilty and got to work.

She's feeling a little camera-shy in that last one!
I used the body of the jacket for the skirt of my apron, and a sleeve for the bodice. The sleeve had a notched cuff that I turned up to get a little extra length. I used the edging of the table cloth to make the ties.
For Suzy's apron, I made the skirt out of the other sleeve. I folded the cuff down for a cute waist detail. I made the bodice out of a piece of the table cloth. I used the last of the table cloth edging to make her ties and edge the skirt. Then I used the collar to make the neck tie for Suzy. It opens and closes with the collar button, and I added a button on the other side for symmetry.
I love how they turned out. Suzy is thrilled to have a big girl apron to match mine when she helps me in the kitchen. I'm so inspired, I think the muumuu and '80's dress will be turned into mother-daughter aprons as well!


  1. Amazing what you can turn something old into!! Gives me great ideas to help Anna Cate with her sewing.

    You have inspired me to make a blog for her to show off her sewing! (and again--she owes her love of sewing to you for teaching her to "hand-sew" as she likes to call it) Thank you again for taking your time to teach her that. She still treasures that piece you made together.

    Love christy

  2. Christy, you'll have to let me see her blog!
    I love Anna Cate - she's one of the most precious children in the world! I wish I could take the credit, but I think her progress in sewing has more to do with her natural talent than my little lesson! I'd love to see her current projects.
    Fabric for sewing can be expensive, so encourage her to look for things like curtains, sheets, old t-shirts, that she can use for material. It's fun to get creative with it, and if you go to thrift stores, it's really a cheap hobby!

  3. Lori - These upcycled mother/daughter aprons are superb! I like how you made a "lean cut sleeve" during a jacket remake and a tablecloth marry into these frugal and fun fashions. I wish I'd have done something mother/daughter when my daughter was young. I think at the age of 26 (her) it's too late. Treasure your pics! :) Following along now thru Someday Crafts! Pam @ Sallygoodin

  4. You two are adorable together! Your aprons turned out fantastic!

  5. I love the picture of you two showing off your aprons. I have cute kids and grandkids! Just had to say :D Love ya!