Thursday, June 3, 2010

Confession and Challenge

Every woman who has ever had dinner at my house has noticed a schedule on my fridge that looks like this:

Daily: Laundry, Clean Countertops, & Sink

Monday- Room: Living and Dining Room, Laundry: Sheets & Towels
Tuesday- Room: My Bedroom & Bathroom, Laundry: Darks
Wednesday- Room: Kitchen, Laundry: Whites
Thursday- Room: Main Bathroom, Laundry: Darks
Friday- Room: Suzy's Room, Laundry: Whites
Saturday- Room: My Bedroom & Bathroom, Laundry: Darks

Living Room/Dining Room - Fabreeze furniture, dust, polish table, take care of plants, tidy up, sweep & mop.

Bedroom/Bathroom- Wash sheets & towels, vaccum, dust, tidy up, clean tub & toiler, mirror and sink, sweep & mop.

Kitchen- Clean appliances (inside microwave, toaster oven, fridge) wipe down cabinets & backsplash, sweep & mop.

Bathroom - Clean tub & toilet, wipe down counter, clean mirror, wash towels, sweep & mop.

Suzy's Room- Empty laundry hamper, change bedding, dust, tidy up, vaccum.

1st of the Month- wash bath mats

Isn't it impressive? All of you who've seen it comment on it, impressed by my organization and self-discipline. I usually answer with something about how I have to have it written down, or I won't do it. Isn't that self-deprecating?
Not really. Here's the truth: I'VE NEVER DONE IT. Ever. I mean, here and there, but I have NEVER followed it for an entire week.
So here's my challenge. This week, I will follow my schedule. I will post about it every day so you can see if I do. 93% chance you don't care, but I'm going to pretend that you do so I can encourage myself to keep it up!
Today is Thursday, and I've done the main bathroom and 2 loads of laundry (that still need to be put away.) So Day 1, doing good!


  1. oh...that's so funny, I really laughed out loud. However, I am excited to hear about your daily adventures. I'll admit to being somewhat intimadated by your list! Good to know your normal like the rest of us...Happy Cleaning!

  2. Lori

    honesty and humor all in one post

    keep it up
    love christy