Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Evolution of An Elephant, an Art Study

Two weeks ago my little baboo sat in my catechism class with the big kids. She was pretty proud of herself. She occupied herself by filling a little blank book with drawings. When I asked her about them later, she said every picture was an elephant. I looked closer, and I could see it. She wanted to draw an elephant, but her first attempt must have seemed a little off, because on each page she would try again, making some changes. I was sooo proud of her. So proud that I'm going to post every picture. You may think that's unnecessary, but it's my blog. Bwahahahaha.
This is the cover of the book. If you look closely, she tried to write "My Book."

This is her first attempt at an elephant. She must have felt it was not quire right. Possibly because it looks like a snail sans shell.

So, skipping ahead four pages that were mainly pink blobs, we come to this. This must be the amoeba stage, but notice the elephant now has eyes.

Her she's working on a trunk:

Her elephants are now multiplying, and proudly sport mouths as well as eyes. A few have grown feet.

Here we have one happy elephant amoeba apparently splitting into two amoebas, and one startled elephant amoeba, obviously disturbed at the method of amoeba procreation.

Here's the crowning achievement. We have many little elephants, all with eyes, ears, and mouths, though one cheerful little fellow has yet to develop legs. But look at that big one! (Picture an elephant standing on his hind legs waving at you. Now do you see it?) He's got legs, forelegs, ears, eyes, and a TRUNK!

Yay! I was so proud at Suzy's artistic (scientific?) endeavors.

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  1. Love this post--Love Suzy's drawings--they are precious!!! And by the way, I can definitely see all her improvements in each stage-the last one is the best. Your comments are hilarious!
    Love christy