Saturday, January 2, 2010


Whew. Christmas and New Years, it's little tag-along, are over. We've been jetting around here and there. I packed my toiletry bag on the 24th, and finally got to unpack it last night. We went to Huntsville, Alabama, for 2 days back to Selmer for a day, to Nashville for a few days, back to Selmer for a day, to Columbia, Tennessee, for another day, and now it's all done and we are home. PICKING UP THE RUBBLE! We are slowly digging ourselves out of the pile of laundry, and now I'm turning my attention to some other housework.
The toys are another issue. Suzy loves her new stuff. So far she hasn't noticed that while she was napping the day after Christmas, we hauled two garbage bags of old toys up to the attic, and threw out another bag full of junk. I think the post-Christmas purge will be an annual tradition.
Suzy is beside me right now, dressed in a pink princess gown, a tiara, several pieces of costume jewelry, and a flower wand. She kicked off the purple plastic shoes a minute ago. She is so girly.

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