Thursday, January 21, 2010

Like a Kid with a New Toy

About a week after Christmas, I was standing at the sink when the thought hit, "Oh no! I have TWENTY pounds of potatoes in the pantry!"
A couple weeks before Christmas, Wal-mart had a huge sale on potatoes. $2 for 10 lbs. So I bought 20 lbs. Nate questioned the need for so many potatoes as he lugged them to the car. I assured him that I would make tons of things with them and use them all up before long.
And then Christmas came, and traveling, and I totally forgot about them. I threw open the pantry door, and there they were - twenty pounds of potatoes with sprouts and eyes staring back at me. That week we ate a lot of mashed potatoes. And potato chowder.
It seems to be a pattern for me to find things that I forgot I had, and then for joy or necessity, go a little nuts with it. Today it was a can of red spray paint. I found it under the sink, and suddenly, I could see dozens of bland things on my counters crying out to be a festive red.
It was raining, but I went out on the porch with some newspapers and tried to stay upwind. So far 7 things have been given a new red lease on life, and I have a list (of course!) of 5 or 6 more things that will be painted. As soon as I get a new can of spray paint.
I'll take pictures and post them when I finish, and post the other unpleasant life lesson I learned in the process.


  1. Funny Funny! Looking forward to seeing your new red items!! I love red too.

  2. I can't wait to see your new red additions. Sounds fun. I have a can of blue spray paint, but I am saving that for Jonathan's chair. I just can't seem to get around to painting it.