Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Yesterday Nate spent his ENTIRE day off doing laundry. I was completely behind due to our crazy Christmas traveling. And I was under the weather yesterday. So Nate *cheerfully* did loads and loads of laundry and put them away. I didn't ask him to, and he never conmplained or acted like a martyr. It was the sweetest thing. Needless to say, he had a pretty happy wife!


  1. Hey Lori-
    Found your site --Love it. You are a great homemaker!!! Way to go on the pj's--excellent job! Suzy looks so cute in them. We have to get belly and suzy together on skype--Belly was talking about her yesterday.
    Hope you guys had a fun Christmas with everyone!
    love christy

  2. Hey Christy!
    It would be so cute to see Suzy and Belly talking together on Skype!