Saturday, January 16, 2010

Your Child As God's Prophet

Last week Don Currin came to our church to teach on the Christian family. He mentioned that sometimes our children are unintentionally little prophets, bringing rebuke and conviction. I experienced that the very next day. Nate had gone grocery shopping with Suzy and I. This is always a source of tension for me. How bad is that? You think I would be happy to have a husband content to spend his day off walking the aisles of a grocery store just so he can spend time with me. But I have a sin issue - I tend to make an idol of my grocery list and budget. No changes! No going over budget! It must be MY way! Unless of course, *I* change something or decide I need to go a little bit over budget this week. Then it's just fine. But let Nate put so much as an unauthorized box of gummy fruit snacks in the buggy, and I wig out.
I've actually gotten a little better at not physically wigging out - no tears or shouts!- but obviously the issue of the heart is still there. I say obviously, because some such thing happened on this grocery trip. It may have been cheese from the deli. I don't remember. But I endured the violation of my sovereign grocery list with a grimace and then sent Nate off after an official, from-the-list grocery item. Suzy, sitting in the buggy, watched him walk away, and then looked up at me with sad, enormous eyes - "Momma, we disobey Jesus when we have attitudes." I could have cried right there by the dairy case.
Thank God for His forgiveness in Christ. Thank Him for His mercy in sending a little prophet to show me my sin!

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  1. Lori, Lori, Lori-
    Wow, I would probably say this post and the "nuggles and lovin's" post are my favorites.
    I so myself so much in your post and all you shared--I could truly laugh with empathy and say to myself, "Boy have I been exactly where you are with the attitude, etc." Thanks for being so transparent. So sweet that God gives us children to help keep our sin out in the open and not hidden. This is the case for me too.
    Love this post!!